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Foam Concrete Wall Panel Machine

Foam concrete wall panel is one kind of light weight wallboard or lightweight wall panel, is widely used for interior walls, exterior walls, roof, bounding wall etc. building, can improve construction speed, reduce labor intensity, shorten construction period, reduce project cost etc. advantages.

Foam Concrete Wall Advantages:

1.      Lightweight: the foam concrete wall weight is about 46 ±2kg/m3, lighter than concrete wall weight;

2.      High working efficiency: easy to install, save power and time;

3.      Smooth surface: could save mortar or plaster, save project time;

4.      Increasing the use of space: wall thickness is only 90mm, could increasing space usage;

5.      Fireproof, soundproofing, waterproof.

Raw material:   

 cement, gypsum or Mgo + fly ash or coal ash+Nano vacuum agent + other additives.  

Product size (standard size) :


Width: 600mm

Thickness: 90/120/150/200mm

How many pcs panel per mould:

10 pcs/mould, 15 pcs/mould, 20 pcs/mould

(the length and thickness could be adjusted, also could according to your demands to customize)